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The “Who I Am” Post 13 May 2008

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This space is for me to say all the things I don’t normally tell people. I say this outright because I know you might not recognize it otherwise; I repress many things that others have no problem discussing openly. So perhaps, to you, this blog won’t feel so much like a remarkably revealing space as a regular conversation. I recognize, of course, that “[a place] to say all the things I don’t normally tell people” is the purpose of most blogs, especially anonymous ones like mine, and I think you can assume from that that anything I have to say will likely be of little importance. This doesn’t bother me much.

As for myself: I am in my 20s, I am female, I am feminist, I am religious. I belong to an organized religion, which I might talk about later when I think I’ll be better at articulating my feelings on the subject. My religious beliefs are an integral part of me; however, I belong to a religion about which there are a lot of misconceptions and as a result I like to be able to discuss things fully whenever it comes up. That way I feel I have a little more control over what you see when you look at the things that matter most to me.

I’m not going to pretend that some of the personal experiences I post here won’t be slightly fictionalized. Anonymity gives me the power (and sometimes the obligation, if I wish to maintain that anonymity) to rearrange things for clarity, impact, or preference. I don’t make up experiences out of the blue, but I may truncate things; I may combine things; I may change the order; I will almost certainly change or obscure the details. Sometimes I think being truly literal only gets in the way of my point. In those cases, I change whatever gets in my way. Again, I believe you can trust me not to tell outright lies, though I will alter the details as I see fit. I hope that’s all right with everyone.

I’ve never been good at introductions; I’m worse at conclusions. I hope this is enough of a “first post” for anyone reading. Click the little tab called “Sally” if you want a little more information.