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Devastation and Sadness 10 December 2008

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So apparently I only update this little blog when I have something horribly traumatic to talk about.  I’ll admit that was the original goal of this particular writing venture; giving me a place to talk about personal and upsetting things.  It’s a weird desire, I guess, wanting to communicate but not wanting to be known.  Known and not known.  Anyway, I’m back, and I hope someday soon to not sound quite so depressing.  Can’t promise I’ll be a constant barrel of laughs, but I’d like to at least go for more philosophy rather than simple emotional indulgence.

I’d also like to start writing on a regular schedule.  I’ll come up with one after the new year.

For now…well, all I’ve got right now is drama and trauma and insecurity.  So that’s what you’re going to get too.  Sorry.  And thanks for taking it anyway.